Malta welcomes first group of Ukrainian refugees

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – During these last two days, tens of Ukrainians arrived in Malta after they were forced to leave their country due to the Russian invasion. Heart broken relatives were waiting for their loved ones at the Malta International Airport.

Upon her arrival in Malta, an Ukrainian woman described the situation in her home country as horrible and the trauma caused by the fighting and waking up to explosions. She added that together with others fleeing the war stayed 12 hours on the border with Poland.

A 16 year old Ukrainian said that her brother has joined the army to fight the Russian forces invading the country and her relatives were left behind. She affirmed that the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a hero adding she feels so proud of the Ukrainian President and fighters defending the country. However she added “a lot of children are dying for nothing. A lot of children have become orphans.”

More Ukrainian refugees are expected to arrive next week. Maltese government officials confirmed that ten families of 30 people will arrive from Poland.

Meanwhile, non-governmental organizations have called for donations for needy Ukrainian families. The Ukrainian community has managed to collect large quantities of essential goods and items that will be sent to Ukraine in the coming days. Anna Syurma, who is the assistant of the Ukrainian Consulate in Malta, thanked the Maltese for their generosity towards the Ukrainian people. She said that medicines are the most crucial at the moment.

It is estimated that over one million people have been displaced by the Russian invasion.


Source: medNews