Malta, Labour Party won the general election

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Maltese Labour leader Robert Abela declared victory and confirmed that the Labour Party won with a big margin of votes. He declared victory in a telephone interview on the national broadcaster TVM.
Abela spoke of an “absolute majority.” This is his first mandate to lead Malta as Prime Minister.
Abela, 44, a lawyer, is expected to be sworn in to lead the 14th legislature on Monday and will then form his new government for a five-year mandate.
Nationalist Party Leader Bernard Grech conceded the election and called Labour leader to congratulate him for the victory.
According to early data announced on the Labour Party’s television station, early projections based on 10,000 votes, or 3% of the votes cast give Labour some 55% of the vote compared to the Nationalist’s Party 42%.
In 2017, Labour had scored a landslide victory, winning 55.04% of the vote which gave it a 35,280 vote majority.
The official turnout for this year’s election is 85.5%, the lowest turnout Malta has seen since gaining independence.

Source: medNews