Ukraine invasion, protests in Malta against Russia,

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) -A sizeable crowd of protesters representing several Maltese NGOs, the civil society and others mostly Ukrainians living in Malta showed up infront of the Russian Embassy in Kappara holding candles and posters calling for peace and solidarity with the Ukranian nation.
This was the second protest organised in Malta against the invasion by Russia of its neighbouring country following the protest organised in Valletta two days ago calling for Putin to stop the invasion and the bombings by the Russian forces.
In a letter addressed to the Russian Ambassador in Malta Andrey Lopukhov, the protestors asked the Russian authorities to call back their military forces and leave Ukraine.
Repubblikàs President Robert Aquilina stressed; “we condemn the ambition, greed and cruelty of those Russian rulers who think that they do not need to respect international law and the obligation for mutual respect between neighbouring peoples.” Aquilina appealed to the Russian ambassador to bring to the attention of his government and armed forces Maltàs message of good will, so that Russia chooses the road to peace.
Meanwhile, the Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela who is campaigning for the next general election is under immense pressure from the Opposition and the six civil society organisations calling on his government to halt the sale of passports to rich Russians in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine. On Thursday, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola called on countries to stop the “dangerous phenomenon” of so-called golden passports that provide a “backdoor to European citizenship”. Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela has so far avoided taking the step of stopping Russian nationals from buying Maltese citizenship, claiming the due diligence process is “robust”. But the Leader of the Nationalist Opposition Bernard Grech said Malta should take a stand on the Ukrainian crisis and stop all applications for the ‘golden passports’ by Russian citizens. He said many Russian nationals have bought Maltese passports without being properly vetted, which has tarnished Maltàs reputation “and now prime minister Robert Abela is putting Maltàs security at peril.”
Russians have been among the best clients in the Individual Investor Programme that has generated millions for Maltàs economy. Last year, the Passport Papers revealed that the Russians accounted for 37 per cent of successful applicants.
In another development, the Maltese government confirmed that Malta will be sending humanitarian assistance mainly medical supplies to the Ukrainian people. Home affairs minister Byron Camilleri confirmed process used by the Department of Civil Protection to assist foreign countries in urgent need of humanitarian aid was underway.

Source: medNews