The Russian military forces expected to use the Maltese airspace

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Russian navy is expected to sail close to the Maltese islands to carry out military exercises including missile-firing over the Maltese airspace.
According to a local report the military excercises are expected in the coming days or weeks. Two Russian fleets will be based in the Mediterranean Sea, outside the Maltese territorial waters to carry out these military exercises.
The Maltese Foreign Affairs Ministry did not confirm and neither denied the report published by the Opposition’s media in Malta. Questions sent to the Ministry have remained unanswered.
Foreign affairs observers remarked that these military exercises could lead to disruption of traffic in Maltese airspace. This is because these missiles are fired up to 60,000 feet, when aircrafts fly on an average between 30 and 40,000 feet over the Maltese airspace. This also means that aircrafts scheduled to fly into thee Maltese airspace will have to change their course completely.
Similar military activity by the Russian military was carried out recently over the Irish airspace. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has strongly condemned these military manoeuvres by the Kremlin forces.
In 2016, then Maltàs Foreign Minister George Vella confirmed that the Maltese government did not allow President Putin’s eight-strong battlegroup to refuel in Malta on suspicion that the fleet was on its way to Syria.

Source: medNews