Malta, police raid the private residence of former prime minister Muscat

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The police in Malta raided the private residence of former Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat as part of an ongoing investigation into a possible corruption activity related to company involved in the privitization and the management of three public state hospitals.
Muscat himself confirmed on Facebook that on Wednesday morning, the police entered his residence in Burmarrad, north of Malta, at around 7 a.m. Muscat added that he passed on to the investigators a file full of documents related to his private practice carried out following his resignation as prime minister two years ago.
He confirmed that the police seized the family’s mobile phones, including the mobile phones of his 14-year-old twin daughters.
Last November, it was disclosed that Accutor AG, a Swiss company which received millions in euros from Steward Healthcare following the taking over of the contractual agreement between the Labour government and Vitals Global Healthcare, paid Joseph Muscat around €60,000 for consultancy services. The payment was affected last year, with the first payment took place just two months after Muscat’s resignation. Former Maltese prime minister insisted that he did nothing wrong and explained that the payments were for professional work that was documented, fully invoiced, declared to the tax authorities and paid in Malta. He added that last november, he requested to speak to the inquiring magistrate, and confirmed that he had compiled a file with the work he had done for Accutor AG; the same file which has been passed on to the police during this morning’s search.
Reacting on Facebook, Muscat repeatedly said that he did all he could to serve Malta and he was disappointed about what was happening and declared that he was now ready to break his silence on many things.

Source: medNews