Malta ignores the plea of 70 migrants stranded in its SAR area

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Maltese authorties have once again ignored the repeated calls, this time to assist around 70 migrants stranded on an oil platform in Maltàs search and rescue zone and it is feared that the migrants will be send back to Tunisia.
According to local reports, Malta is insisting that the Tunisian and German authorities are responsible for the platform which is in Maltese waters.
On twitter, the rescue ship ‘Louise Michel’ communicated that “a Tunisian warship arrived on site. We fear that the remaining people on the platform will be pulled back illegally to Tunisia, which is not a safe country”.
The migrants are in desperate need of a safe place as the weather conditions are worsening.
Meanwhile, a further 31 people were rescued from a drifting wooden boat and are now on board the vessel funded by British artists Banksy.

Source: medNews