Malta first European country to legalise cannabis for recreational use

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Malta has become the first European country to legalise cannabis for recreational use following a final parliamentary vote on Tuesday.
The 36 MPs representing the Labour government backed the bill, with 27 MPs from the Nationalist Opposition voted against. The bill becomes law once the President of Malta George Vella gives his approval which is expected by the end of this week.
The Maltese government has described the bill as the decriminalisation of cannabis, a reform which grants the legal supply, acquisition and consumption. Over 50 organisations including church entities, NGOs and social partners joined forces with the Nationalist opposition against the proposed reform. However, the NGO ReLeaf – established to promote a reform in cannabis policy – was the most influential voices in support of the reform. At present, people found in possession of up to 3.5g of cannabis are no longer arraigned in court. Instead, they appear before a Justice Commissioner who can impose fines from €50-100. However, they may still be detained by the police for up to 48 hours, with the stated aim of obtaining information about their suppliers. Through the new reform, this regime is only kept in place for those found in possession of 7-28g of cannabis.
Individuals can cultivate up to 4 plants for personal use while the law also paves the way for the creation of non-profit organisations which would cultivate cannabis for the exclusive use of their members. Members would be limited to receiving no more than 7g in a single day, with a monthly limit of 50g.

Source: medNews