Malta, Covid cases increase but remains one of the safest EU countries

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Altough Malta is experience a slight increase in COVID-19 cases, it is still being considered as one of the few safest countries in Europe by the European Centre of Disease Control. Maltese Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne confirmed an increase of 1.6% in recent days with a total numner of positive cases increased to almost 300 altough only nine patients are receiving treatment in hospital. Fearne said that to ensure that the Malta keeps the pandemic under control and avoid spikes in new cases and deaths, the health authorties decided that by January 2022, those aged over 45 will be offered a Covid booster jab. Fearne added that 75% of those aged over 70 have received a booster jab. So far Malta has avoided a dramatic increase in new cases and deaths being experienced by other countries thanks to the high vaccination rate. However, Minister Fearne still called for caution. Over 94% of those eligible have been fully vaccinated. Stressing the importance of the booster, Minister Fearne explained that “the decision to start giving a booster was the right one because immunity is waning and so the booster is crucial”. The Maltese authorities are not considereing to introduce new mitigating measures. However, Minister Fearne declared that the health authorities will be in a position to decide whether to ease the few restrictions in place, if hospitalisations remain under control within the coming few weeks.

Source: medNews