Malta, migrants accuse government entities with inhumane treatment

VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The migrant community in Malta met in the capital city Valletta to protest against the inhumane treatment by the local authorities and public entities. The protest ended infront of the Home Affairs Ministry where the migrants presented proposals asking for more rights.
The proposals include granting citizenship to children born to migrant parents in Malta and access to social welfare such as children’s allowance for parents who pay their taxes regularly.
The protesters accused the home affairs ministry, and Identity Malta, among the authorities which they said treat them unfairly and hardheartedly. The migrants said they have serious concerns about the ways in which goverment’s entities staff and personnel address, treat and discriminate against migrants and asylum seekers by using anti-racism, anti-discrimination, and hate speech towards them.
The protest comes days after a migrant worker, 32-year-old Jaiteh Lamin from Ghana was last week dumped by his boss on a sidewalk after suffering serious injuries on a construction site because the migrant was working without a work permit.
Malta has registered an increase in violence against foreigners. In 2019, a migrant from Ivory Coast, Lassana Cisse was murdered in a drive-by shooting close to one of the migrants’ open centre. Two soldiers from the Armed Forces of Malta were accused with the murder.

Source: medNews