Malta approves the connection of a gas pipeline with Gela

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The Planning authorities in Malta has approved the application for the construction of a gas pipeline between Malta and Sicily.
The plans foresee the construction of a terminal station at Delimara, south of Malta – constructed partially on reclaimed land and the laying of an offshore pipeline up to the median line between Delimara and the city of Gela.
The approval of the rest of the pipeline is up to Italy. In Gela, the pipeline would connect to the network operated by Snam, which is responsible for nearly all of Italy’s gas network.
The planning application had been submitted on July 2017.
The biggest obstacle to the 160km-long pipline is its cost: an estimated €400 million, which will need to be funded by Malta. Though Malta had hoped EU funds would cover a substantial proportion of the outlay, its hopes were dashed by the European Commission, which has deprioritised gas projects in favour of more ambitious climate change targets.
One possible option being considered by Malta, according to Energy Minister Miriam Dalli, is the construction of a hydrogen-ready pipeline. Energy Minister Miriam Dalli confirmed that Malta had successfully negotiated a derogation ensuring that a hydrogen-ready pipeline would be eligible for EU funds.

Source: medNews