Former EU Commissioner John Dalli to be charged over alleged bribery

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Former EU Health Commissioner and Maltese Minister John Dalli will face criminal charges in court next week in connection to a €60 million fraud allegation. Dalli had resigned as EU Commissioner in 2012 after an OLAF investigation implicated his office in an alleged case of bribery. At the time, Dalli was leading the reforms to the EU’s tobacco directive.
The criminal proceedings against Dalli were initiated over an attempt by his aide Silvio Zammit after requesting a €60 million bribe to help overturn an EU-wide ban on snus, a form of smokeless tobacco. Zammit was charged in December 2012 with trading in influence and complicity in the €60 million bribe request from a Swedish tobacco company.
Dallìs case is set to start on 17 September.

Source: medNews