COVID-19, Malta to repatriate all foreign students

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Foreign students who are stuck in Malta will soon return to their home country. The Maltese government will be organising repatriation flights in the coming days, however no offical details were released. However those students who are kept in isolation are expected to stay in Malta until the end of the quarantine period.
According to relaible sources, the Malta Tourism Authority is in regular contact with the Maltese Federation representing the English schools to co-ordinate the repatriation flights for students from Italy, Germany, Spain and France. Hundreds of foreign students are stuck in Malta after the government closed all English schools on Wednesday.
However, it is not yet known who will pay for these flights and whether the Maltese Government will be giving a subsidy to any foreign student who returns to his country.
Meanwhile, the Malta Tourism Authority has issued a public call for the availability of a second hotel that can accommodate more foreigners who are in quarantine. The Corinthia Marina hotel in St. Julian’s were most of the Italian students are staying is almost full with 287 guests.
Malta is registering a daily increase in COVID-19 cases. The total number of active cases rose to 1,441 in just few days.

Source: medNews