Migrants saved by the Italian authorities after denied help from Malta

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The German NGO RESQSHIP confirmed that a group of 86 migrants who were in distress in Maltàs search and rescue zone were rescued by the Italian coastguard and taken to Lampedusa. The NGO said that the Maltese authorities refused to give assistance and accused Malta of violating international maritime law once again.
Another NGO, Alarm Phone, confirmed that the migrants had fled from Libya on a boat whose engine had stopped. The NGO said that the migrants were exhausted and needed to be rescued immediately.
RESQSHIP deployed its rescue ship, Nadir, and located the group of migrants including children and three pregnant women. One person received medical care. According to the NGO, the Italian and Maltese authorities were informed with all developments.
The NGO RESQHIP insisted that a larger ship was needed to take the migrants to a safe harbour. However, it said the Maltese authorities rejected the call for assistance.
The NGO also criticised the Libyan coastguard, accusing it of asking the migrants to return to Libya, with the NGO refusing to allow this. Eventually, in the early hours, RESQSHIP confirmed that the Italian coastguard offered help to the migrants and allowed them entry in the port of Lampedusa.
The NGO Alarm Phone blasted the Armed Forces of Malta for refusing to help the migrants in distress and condemned what it called “the new normal in the Central Mediterranean”. It accused the AFM of breaching European law when it refused to offer help.

Source: medNews