Malta, new Covid-19 restrictions and rise in deaths

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – Malta adopted new measures to combat the transmission of COVID-19 on the local health authorities’ recommendation. The new measures will help further to tighten social distancing.
As of from today, all bars and local band clubs will remain closed until 1 December 6 am. Furthermore, only 6 people can convene in public spaces instead of 10. Ignoring these measures will result in a €200 fine.
The Covid-19 caseload currently stands at 1,927 positive cases and the total number of deaths has reached 59. The number of new registered cases still outstrips recoveries by far.
Today, the Maltese government announced 106 new cases. Few minutes before, the health authorities had confirmed that two men have lost their battle with COVID-19. The men were 82 and 66 respectively. Both men were in the Intensive Therapy Unit when they died.
Health professionals working at the Intensive Therapy Unit warned that if the government does not take further difficult decisions, more delay in controlling the spread can have a devastating effect on Maltàs health system. At the moment 15 patients are receiving treatment at the Intensive Therapy Unit, described as “a very serious matter” by the health professionals.

Source: medNews