Covid-19, Malta registers highest daily number of cases

Malta registered the highest number of positive COVID-19 cases in 24 hours since the start of the pandemic. The health authorities confirmed that 112 new coronavirus cases were reported on Thursday.
The number of active cases continues to surge and now stands at 1,009. Up to yesterday, the highest daily number of cases was recorded when 111 cases were reported. This was surpassed on Thursday.
A 59 year-old man became the latest COVID-19 victim on Wednesday and to date the pandemic has claimed 45 lives.
To date, Malta has registered 4,160 coronavirus cases out of which 3,106 have made a recovery. A total of 289,594 swab tests have been carried out.
The Maltese government is under intense pressure from various health associations and other trade unions to re-introduce measures to curb the pandemic. Local reports quoted the Office of the Prime Minister saying that the government is expected to enhance the enforcement to control the spreading of the pandemic.

Source: medNews