Covid-19. Malta, deaths and positive cases close to hundred every day

The Maltese government is under huge pressure with daily positive cases of COVID-19 close to hundred while deaths continue to be registered from COVID every day. So far, Malta has 881 active cases, 44 registered deaths and 3,012 total recoveries.
The Medical Association of Malta, MAM, is calling the Maltese health authorities to come up with an effective strategy and measures, similar to those in Spain, France and the UK, to bring the epidemic under control. The Forum of Maltese declared that the COVID-19 situation could quickly get out of hand, both in terms of hospital and ITU capacity, but also in terms of the ability of people to go on with their normal life and activity. The Malta Union of Teachers, MUT has issued an ultimatum, until Thursday, to the Maltese government to take the necessary actions and implement new measures against the coronavirus pandemic.
The Nationalist Party is insisting that a national public health emergency should be announced as soon as possible. However, Prime Minister Robert Abela declared that there is no need for “state of national panic.” He added that at this moment the government is not considering to shut down the economy, close the airport and lock people at home once again.
According to a recent survey, the government’s handling of the pandemic and the economic instability brought by the coronavirus had an impact on Prime Minister Robert Abelàs performance registering the lowest level of trust among the electorate since he became Prime Minister last January. Partit Laburista leader Robert Abela is now polling at 46.6%. Bernard Grech who has only been leader of the Nationalist Party for a week and Opposition leader for less than that, has gained 30.9%. In terms of votes, the Nationalist Party has halved the gap to 30,000 from the 57,000 vote gap.

Source: medNews