Covid-19, increase in cases with the re-opening of schools in Malta

After just one week from the reopening of schools in Malta, the health authorities confirmed that seven educators and a student from four different schools have been tested positive for COVID-19.
So far, Malta has 518 active cases with a total of 2,770 recoveries and 39 deaths.
The Union of Professional Educators made a fresh call to the Maltese government to shift to online learning. The union said that notifications have been reaching the union’s offices informing of numerous alleged cases in a number of schools,and these notifications have not stopped rolling in since the re-opening of the schools.
The Union of Teachers accused the Maltese government of failing to take a strong lead in introducing restrictive measures and in enforcing them during the pandemic. The MUT added that the Government has to shoulder the responsibility for the re-opening of schools during a pandemic where the R-factor and the number of positive daily cases is high.

Source: medNews