Malta, three confirmed deaths due Covid-19 in 24 hours

LA VALLETTA (MALTA) (ITALPRESS/MNA) – The health authorities in Malta announced three coronavirus related deaths in 24 hours. This week was a record-breaking week for coronavirus cases, with the first day of more than a hundered posituve cases registered from the start of the pandemic. Malta has now reported 20 coronavirus-linked deaths in total, with five this week alone.
Unlike in the two previous cases, for the twentieth victim, the health authorities specified that an elderly man was suffering from other health conditions. He is an 85-year-old who was tested positive on 12 September when he was hospitalised at Mater Dei Hospital. The man was receiving treatment at the Infectious Diseases Unit.
The eighteenth and nineteenth coronavirus victims are both woman, a 72 year old and an 86 year old respectively. The 72 year old was hospitalised on 11 August. She was tested positive the next day. The woman has been in intensive care since 15 August. The second woman was also in intensive care. She had tested positive on 8 September and was hospitalised on 16 September. Their death follows that of an 86 year old woman who died on Monday at the Infectious Diseases Unit and a 91-year old woman who died at Mater Dei hospital between Thursday and Friday night.
The number of COVID-19 active cases now stands at 663 while 2,071 patients have recovered.

Source: medNews