Malta, new Covid-19 measures as positive cases continue to rise

Malta is dealing with a record number of cases of Covid-19. Overnight, Malta has registered another 69 new COVID-19 cases, and with a record 72 cases reported on Saturday and 63 others on Sunday, this means that the last three days have each seen more Covid-19 cases reported in Malta than any other day since the start of the pandemic.
The total number of active cases has now reached 607. The 69 new cases bring the total number of Covid-19 cases reported in Malta up to 1,375, with 759 patients making a recovery. The pandemic has claimed 9 lives.
Today, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne annunced further restrictive measures to control the transmission of COVID-19.
As from next Wednesday; clubs, nightclubs, discos and bars will be closed. Bars will be permitted only where they form part of a restaurant complex. In these cases, only dining patrons will be served. Boat parties will be banned as from Wednesday too.
Groups will be limited to under 15 persons and groups of more persons will be breaking the law. Masks will now become obligatory together with social distancing and sanitizing will be obligatory in all closed public spaces and where social distancing will not be possible. Fines will be applicable. In private cars, masks are not obligatory if a person is on his own. Masks are obligatory in public transport.
Weddings will be limited to ‘restaurant rules’ with regards to distancing and serving of food. This will be applicable as from the 28th August. All weddings guest need to be seated.
The new measures follow a meeting which was held on Sunday afternoon between the Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela and the Minister of Health.

Source: medNews