Malta, dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases

Malta has registered a dramatic increase in new COVID-19 cases in just a week bringing the total to 112 cases.
The new cases are related to the organisation of mass events and the arrival of migrants on the island. The Maltese authorities are issuing licenses permitting parties and local festivities.
The Maltese health authorities confirmed that most of the registered cases during the last week are related to a pool party organised in one of the main hotels in St. Julian’s and the local village feast of Saint Venera. However, 66 from a group of 94 migrants were tested positive on their arrival to Malta last Monday.
The total number of cases reported in Malta so far stands at 786, with 665 patients recovering from Covid-19 so far. The pandemic has claimed 9 lives in Malta so far. The total number of swab tests carried out in Malta is up to 123,963.

Source: medNews