Malta, flights to Northern Italy still postponed

Malta will open its ports and airport to Italy from July 1, excluding those in the northern part of the country. This was confirmed by the Prime Minister of Malta Robert Abela during an inteview on the Labour Party radio station.
Abela also announced that as from today the public health emergency will be declared over.
Regarding the re-opening of the Malta International Airport Prime Minister Abela said that the Maltese government is continuously monitoring the situation abroad and has recently decided to remove Israel from the Summer schedule of the Malta International Airport but certain airports in Italy, France and Spain will be included. All of France apart from one region will be included; the same will apply for Spain. The Maltese authorities have added three more countries to its safe flight lists; Poland, Croatia and Greece. Direct flights for 19 other countries or regions that are also included in the safe travel list were announced some weeks ago: Iceland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Switzerland, Estonia, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Finland.
The Malta International Airport announced that six airlines will be offering direct connections to 17 airports in nine countries and regions, including Sicily, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg, for the period between July and October.
Malta registered a total of 649 positive cases of coronavirus till today. 603 patients have recovered, 37 are still active and 9 patients lost their life.


Source: medNews