Maltese ambassador draws comparison between Merkel and Hitler

The Maltese government confirmed that Maltese Ambassador to Finland, enterpreneur Michael Zammit Tabone has resigned after comparing German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler in a post on Facebook.
The Maltese Foreign Ministry stated that Zammit Tabona’s comments does not represent the friendship and mutual respect between Malta and Germany. Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo reiterated the commitment of the Maltese government to deepen the strong and longstanding bilateral relations between the two countries.
Zammit Tabone often shares content showing Italian far right Northern League Leader Matteo Salvini. He wrote: “75 years ago we stopped Hitler. Who will stop Angela Merkel? She has fulfilled Hitler’s dream! To control Europe.”
The Nationalist Opposition condemned Zammit Tabona’s behaviour describing it “most incorrect”. The Maltese Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry welcomed the resignation and declared that such comments do only harm to Malta’s reputation.
Michael Zammit Tabona served as Malta’s Ambassador (non-resident) to Finland for these last six years.
Photo by Roderick Agius

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