Malta asks Italy to disembark 50 migrants in Lampedusa

A group of 50 migrants were rescued by a fishing vessel in a rescue operation coordinated by the Maltese authorities. It was also reported that water was entering the boat and the weather conditions were very dangerous.

According to the NGO Alarm Phone, Malta has asked Italian authorities to issue the necessary permits to allow the migrants to disembark at the nearest port in Lampedusa.

On Sunday, the NGO Alarm Phone reported that a group of 50 migrants who fled from Libya, contacted the NGO that they were in the Italian SAR Zone and Alarm Phone reported they were a few miles away from Lampedusa. It then corrected the migrants’ position that they were actually in the Maltese SAR zone.

According to Alarm Phone, the Maltese and the Italian authorities did not provide them with information on whether they will rescue the migrants or not. The NGO also said that the cargo vessel, Fuji Bay has been on the scene for several hours.


Source: medNews