Coronavirus, nine new cases were confirmed in Malta

Malta registered more positive cases of patients with COVID-19 who had no symptoms. The Superintendent of Public Health, Professor Charmaine Gauci insisted that these cases proves the health authorities’ declarations that the coronavirus is spreading within the local community.
In the last 24 hours, nine new cases were confirmed, five of them had no symptoms. Of these nine cases, eight were Maltese and a 21-year-old Spanish girl. Malta’s total number of active cases went down to 81 from 96 as 13 were declared recovered from COVID-19. Malta’s total cases of COVID-19 now sits at 477, with the recoveries numbering 392.
Prof Gauci explained that despite the authorities’ decision to relax more measures, the pandemic was far from being considered over. The wearing of mask is compulsory in any shops as of tomorrow and fines will be applied to people caught not wearing these masks.
The health authorities in Malta are being very diligent in handling the present situation. The Superintendent of Public Health said the authorities are relaxing some of the measure that were put in force but they need the people’s cooperation to go a step further to remove more restrictions. “If we want to return to the normal life, it is very important that everyone cooperates by following the measures the authorities are putting in place. This should be done not because the measures are enforceable by law but because you should protect everyone’s life”.

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Source: medNews