Malta, low record of new Covid-19 cases

Malta has registered six new cases of COVID-19, three of these cases are migrants residing at the open centre in Ħal Far. The other three cases are a Gozitan woman aged 38 who works in a hotel; a Maltese man, 60, who works in the public service and a 21-year old Maltese student. Up to now Malta and Gozo have registered a total of 399 cases and over 20,000 medical tests were carried out by the health authorities.

The Superintendent of Public Health, Professor Charmaine Gauci said that altough the number of positive cases was relatively low during the last days, it does not reflect the actual situation within the community. “The Health authorties will continue to assess new COVID-19 cases over a long period of time to conclude whether the virus has reached its peak in Malta and Gozo.” While referring to those European countries who started lifting the precautionary measures, Prof. Gauci declared that Malta is not ready yet to lift such measures against the spreading of the coronavirus.

Gauci said that the authorities are experiencing a new reality; people suffering from anxiety due to the coronavirus situation. It was confirmed that the Maltese government is collaborating with a local non-governmental organisation to give pschological help to those affected.


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Source: medNews