Malta, coronavirus cases rise to 195

The Superintendent of Public Health in Malta Professor Charmaine Gauci confirmed eight new coronavirus cases. Addressing a press conference, she said that there is a shift towards locally transmitted cases and remarked that the symptoms are no longer simply associated with respiratory problems but they have seen patients developing symptoms related gastrointestinal issues. Till now, the total number of coronavirus cases in Malta went up to 195. Professor Charmaine Gauci noted that unfortunately many people are still going to work even if they have very mild symptoms. She highlighted the need to stay at home and wait until the tests are out. Meanwhile the Superintendent of Public Health was insulted outside the building of the national television station after she gave an interview on Wednesday evening. A woman, who apparently is involved in driving instructions, waited for Professor Gauci outside the building. She then proceeded to insult Professor Gauci upon exiting the building.

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Source: medNews