Malta, a pregnant Italian woman amongst the new cases of Covid-19

Malta has registered 7 new cases of coronavirus bringing the total to 202 positive cases. This was confirmed by the Supretendent of Public Health, Professor Chairmaine Gauci while addressing the media via skype.

An Italian woman expecting to give birth is one of the new registered cases which was transmitted locally. Gauci confirmed that the pregnant woman, 36, was confirmed positive during her routine medical tests. The local health authorities confirmed that both the mother and the unborn child are in good health condition, and they will be monitored for further medical investigations.

Prof. Gauci said that it can be noticed that Malta is still having travel-related cases. 4 of the new cases were related to travelling abroad. The other 2 new cases were locally transmitted. These cases concern a female worker employed at Lidl supermarket in Safi who was working on the same shift with a collegue who recently was confirmed positive and the another case involves a Nigerian man who lives at the migrant open centre in Ħal Far.

Meanwhile, more restrications came into effect from today for travelling from Malta to Gozo. Only Gozo residents working in Malta are allowed to travel.


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Source: medNews