First two victims of Covid-19 in Malta

Malta has registered the first death caused by COVID-19. This was confirmed on 8 April in a press conference addressed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Chris Fearne.

The victim is a 92-year old woman from Gozo who had been tested positive to coronavirus. The elderly woman passed away this evening at the Gozo General hospital.

Unfortunately, this will not be the first nor the last death related to COVID-19. We are doing the best to ensure that the number of people that contract the virus remains low,” said Chris Fearne. The Deputy Prime Minister added “we know that COVID-19 can give rise to complications and can lead to death.” The woman was a vulnerable person with a number of health related issues including heart and kidney problems and diabetes.

The health minister expressehis condolences to the victim’s family.

The Ministry for Health in the morning of 9 April announced that a second patient has died of coronavirus. The victim is a 79-year-old male.

The man was being treated at Karen Grech Hospital. He tested positive for coronavirus on the 6th of April. The victim was suffering from other chronic illness.



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