Malta, plans to build a pre-fabricated hospital for coronavirus patients

Malta, plans to build a pre-fabricated hospital for coronavirus patients
The Maltese government has issued a public call for the set up of a fully-equipped pre-fabricated hospital with a capacity for over 90 patients and medical staff. According to the Health Ministry the hospital must be up and running within eight weeks. The Supretendent of Public Health Prof. Chairmaine Gauci declared that the Maltese government is preparing for every eventuality and possibility, including having enough resources and beds to cater for future patients found positive for COVID 19.
Wuhan in China, which was the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, built a similar prefabricated hospital with capacity for 1,000 patients in just nine days.
Meanwhile, the Health authorities hava announced three more positive cases of coronavirus. All were imported from abroad.
A 20 year old woman who arrived from the United Kingdom. She stayed in quarantine immediately after experiencing the first symptoms. Only family members were exposed to her.
Another 20 year old woman was found positive for coronavirus on her return from London. She attended a lecture at the University of Malta, and the health authorities are tracing her friends for further medical tests.
An American, 49, who arrived from Austria was found positive but followed the instructions issued by the health authorities to self-quarantine. Only one person who share the same residence was in contact with the patient.
The Supretendent of Public Health confirmed that the elderly man, 61, who is treated at the Intensive Care Unit is responding well to the medical treatment, and he might be also included in international medical trials.
Prof. Chairmaine Gauci said that altough in the last 24 hours, Malta has registered less positive cases than in recent days, there is still an increase. Up to now, 110 cases have been confirmed. “The increase in positive cases for coronavirus depends on how the community follow the recommendations being issued from the health authorities,” added Prof. Gauci.
Meanwhile, the Maltese government announced that people infected with COVID 19, and are ordered to self-isolate will be fined €10,000 every time they will be find not in quarantine during police checks.

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