First case of coronavirus in Malta

Malta has registered its first case of coronavirus. The patientis an Italian girl who lives in Malta with her family.

The Maltese government announced that the 12-year-old girl’s family infected with coronavirus had followed the advice of the local health authorities and decided to self-quarantine when they returned from a vacation in Italy. Thecontact with other people was minimal.

Speaking during a press conference, Health Minister Chris Fearne announced that the girl was being supervised after a sample was taken last night and tested positive this morning.

The girl’s parents had informed the health authorities when the girl started showing symptoms of the virus after the family returned from a vacation in Trentino on a flight from Rome between late February and early March.

The minister confirmed that the girl’s parents and her sister are also isolated, saying there is no cause for alarm since this first case was immediately detected.
Up to now, more than 300 test were carried out, except one, all tested negative.

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Source: medNews