Coronavirus, flights from Malta to Northern Italy will not be cancelled

Flights from the northern region of Italy to Malta will not stop, until the World Health Organisation will issue an advisory to all countries with such recommendation. The Maltese Government took this decision despite the decree passed by the Italian government to put the whole region of Lombardy and 14 provinces under lockdown until 3 April.

The Medical Association of Malta (MAM) has insisted with the Maltese government for the second consecutive day to cancel all flights from Northern Italy and to order mandatory quarantine for flights from other Italian cities. MAM has also warned the government that it is ready to take all measures seem necessary to protect all medical staff and the general public.

The Union of Cabin Crew declared that it is of high risk to its members and their families to continue operating flights to high risk countries like northern Italy.

All trade unions in Malta, except the association representing hotels and restaurant owners have already declared the need to stop all flights coming to Malta from Northern Italy.

But the Prime Minister of Malta Robert Abela urged the Maltese population to remain calm saying that the coronavirus, Covid-19, was not a plague and that it will not affect everyone. Referring to statistics from other countries, Abela said that these show that the majority of individuals had recovered without being hospitalised.

Up to now, around 444 medical tests were carried out on people who either had symptoms of fever within 14 days of their arrival from an affected country or have been tested for respiratory problems at Mater Dei hospital. Only three Italians were tested positive; a daughter and her parents who were on a holiday in Trentino, and returned to Malta from Rome. It was confirmed that the three patients are recovering and in a good health condition.

The Health Authorities in Malta added that an excercise to trace and contact those who were on the same flight is going on to make sure that there are no other positive cases of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne confirmed that public health doctors would be send to private homes if a positive case for coronavirus is suspected.

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