The volume of exports of fishery products increased by 8% at the end of October 2019, reaching almost 22,604 tons compared to 20,945 tons in the same period of 2018, according to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture, water resources and fishing.In value, exports increased by 6.6% to reach 450.5 million dinars (MTD) against 422.5 MTD in the same period of 2018.This increase in exports is explained by the increase in exports of bluefin tuna fresh, by 642 tons for a value of 36.8 MTD. Furthermore, crab exports increased by 35.8% to reach 3,548.5 tonnes worth 33.3 MTD. Similarly for exports of conditioned tuna which have more than quadrupled, in quantitative terms to reach 2,252.1 tons in 2019, generating estimated revenues of around 34.4 MD.
In return, a decline in octopus and squid exports was recorded in volume and value. The quantities of octopus exported decreased by 20.1% and those of squid decreased by 51.4%. Fishing and aquaculture production recorded an increase of 6.7 thousand tons, the equivalent of an increase of 6%, to reach almost 116.5 thousand tons at the end of October 2019 compared to 109.8 thousand tons in the same period of the ‘last year. In the same period of 2019, fishing activities produced 102.4 thousand tons against 93.1 thousand tons in 2018, with an evolution of 9.3 thousand tons.

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