The electoral campaign in Malta for the European Parliament and local councils elections came to an end at midnight last night ahead of tomorrow’s voting. The two main political parties, the Labour Party in government and the Opposition Nationalist Party rallied their supporters to put their last political message across the country and to gather voter’s support.

According to the latest statistics issued by the Electoral Commission, there was an increase in those eligible to vote and did not collect their voting document. Thus, it is expected a less turnout for both the European Parliament and local councils elections when compared to the previous election. However, this will not change the outcome of the results, as the Labour Party is still the favourite to net close to 55 percent of the votes in the European elections. It is unlikely for the  Nationalist Party to keep the third MEP from a total of six seats allocated to Malta.

The Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia addressed a rally on the last day of the electoral campaign with the slogan ‘Together For Our Country’ in front of the Nationalist Party Headquarters in ?amrun. He said that whatever the outcome of the European and Local Council elections, the Nationalist Party is already committed to work harder and be closer to families and the vulnerable who were not benefiting from the economic wealth Malta is registering. “Our journey starts on Monday whatever the people’s verdict is. From Monday my colleagues and I will work harder to earn the respect of voters.” 

Adrian Delia appealed to the Maltese electorate to vote to all Nationalists candidates as a sign of disapproval with the way the Labour Party is governing the country. He referred to various national and international damning reports conducted by local and European institutions condemning the Labour Party in government on corruption, the rule of law and the take over of Maltese institutions. The Leader of the Opposition also said that a vote for the Labour Party would mean a vote to the Socialists in the European Parliament who are proposing the introduction of tax harmonization and the right to abortion.

Addressing a large crowd in Vittoriosa, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat spoke about how Malta has made great changes over the last six years of Labour government and therefore the judgment on election day is clear; a choice between Muscat and Adrian Delia.

Joseph Muscat mentioned various initiatives taken by his government including the reduction in electricity and water bills, the reduction in taxes, the reduction in poverty and an increase in pensions and the minimum wage. This along with a record number of unemployment and a record of people engaged in the labour market.

The Maltese Prime Minister spoke about a number of other challenges including better work and equality, mentioning in particular that it is unacceptable that a woman is paid less than a man. He said the Labour government will push forward reforms so that more women will be elected in the national parliament.

“My appeal is to vote for all the Labour candidates. Five years ago we have achieved a majorty of 33,000 votes. On election day, vote early and vote for all the candidates on the Labour Party ticket. We changed the country and we will be the change for Malta. On Saturday, I will be at the forefront to choose between Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia,” concluded the Maltese Prime Minister.



Source: medNews