The Libyan Prime Minister Fajez al-Sarraj paid an unexpected visit to Malta where he had a meeting with the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Both sides discussed the situation in Tripoli and the negative impact that the fighting is having on the Libyan people. This was the second visit of Fajez al-Sarraj this year after another visit to Malta last January.

Fajez al-Sarraj government is recognized by the United Nations.  During the discussions with the Maltese government, said he discussed the present situation in Libya, and expressed the hope that the Maltese Government assists him to overcome the challenges facing his country.

Prime Minister Muscat said that the Maltese Government considers the Libyan people as a friend and promised that the government will always be there to assist the Libyan people.  Muscat confirmed his willingness to discuss ways the Maltese Government can help to restore peace and prosperity in Libya.

The President of Malta George Vella has already expressed his grave concern at the unfolding situation in Libya. Last April, few days after he took office, Vella said the situation in Libya shows the hypocrisy of the international community for not taking a decisive action as fighting engulfs Libya. While he referred to the high number of casualties, Vella appealed to a political solution in order to safeguard the best interest of the Libyan people and to avoid a human disaster.

General commander Khalifa Haftar who leads the Libyan National Army, based in Eastern Libya is refusing to stop military attacks on Tripoli and is accused by the United Nations of looking to divide Libya. The attacks on Tripoli began in April and General Haftar is looking to gain control of the Libyan capital. By now, it is estimated that over 500 people and 75,000 civilians fled their homes because of the fighting.


Source: medNews