Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 11th Arab Energy Conference, minister Rebbah said that investments in the energy sector will reach 30 billion dollars for renewable energy generation projects, which represents great opportunities for the national, regional and international private sector.
To implement these programs, the Kingdom of Morocco attaches great importance to the issue of encouraging investment in the energy sector in general and in the field of renewable energy, in particular, added the minister, underlining in this context that Morocco is committed to efforts in this area through new measures for the development of the legislative framework to improve the climate attracts domestic and foreign private investors.
The minister also noted that the energy sector in Morocco is characterized by an increase in energy demand and an almost total dependence on imports, noting that the total consumption of the Kingdom is equal to 20.8 million tons in 2017, including oil (55.9%) and coal (25.5%).

Rebbah also stressed that renewable energy (wind, hydro, solar) contributes about 5.8%, while it was only 2.6% in 2002. After underlining the diversity of partners in the Moroccan market, Rebbah reported that almost 80 groups are currently interested in the project of liquefied gas at the port Jorf Lasfar, which makes available about 4.5 billion dollars, noting that the ministry is finalizing the final touches before launching the call for tenders.

Source: medNews