The head of the Tunisian government is reassuring that PLF 2019 will no longer introduce new taxes. Thus businesses and citizens will not have to face new fiscal constraints. He announced that the social component is one of the planks of PLF 2019. Indeed, growth, deficit control and the strengthening of purchasing power for the middle and poor class will be considered as priorities.

Furthermore, the 2019 financial law took into consideration regions and young people. In fact, the project in question takes into consideration the needs of the regions of the inland of Tunisia. Youssef Chahed announced the doubling of the budget for regional development. In addition, a financing line (50million of Tunisian Dinars) for self-financing projects is included in the PLF 2019. It also states that entrepreneurs do not lack ideas but lack self-financing.

He announced that the Tunisians will be able to acquire a popular car whose cost does not exceed 20,000 dinars. The year 2019 will also see the launch of the Bank of Regions.

Moreover, Youssef Chahed said that it would be possible to improve the economic indicators. But “political support has been lacking, the desire for reform does not exist in several partners”, the Prime Minister complains. For him, political negotiations have upset the government’s work and the implementation of reforms.

The companies created in 2019 will benefit from a four-year tax exemption. While in the financial law of 2018, the companies enjoyed a three-year tax exemption. Furthermore, he states that business taxes will be analysed.


Source: medNews