The Government of Malta would like to clarify the hereunder in reply to the Italian Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini who was quoted accusing Malta of not fulfilling its commitments to a previous redistribution mechanism established by the Italian authorities. “The Maltese authorities have already been in contact with the Italian authorities to fulfill their pledged commitments as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the Italian authorities have not provided any tangible procedure for Malta to follow – the Government of Malta writes in a statement -. On the other hand, unfortunately, Italy has not yet fulfilled its commitments on the redistribution mechanism which was initiated by Malta with respect to the immigrants disembarked in Malta on board of the MV Lifeline on the 27th of June, despite the efforts of the Maltese authorities to complete this process with the Italian authorities. Malta always participated in solidarity mechanisms and was the first European Union member state to fulfill its committments with regard to the European Commission’s solidarity mechanism with respect to Italy and Greece. Furthermore, Malta always adheres to international laws and applicable conventions”.


Source: medNews