The Al Lajjoun dam in the Kerak governorate, south of Jordan, inaugurated last week, aims to exploit water resources for agricultural and livestock activities in the Kerak area. The flow rate of the dam is 1 million cubic meters; the height of the building is 27.7 meters. The inauguration took place in the presence of the Jordanian Minister of Water and Irrigation Ali Al-Ghezawi and of the Italian Ambassador to Jordan, Giovanni Brauzzi.

The project is part of Italy’s commitment to support Jordan’s efforts to improve the country’s water and sanitation situation and has been financed under the debt swap agreement with a value of 16 million euros signed by the two Governments on 22 May 2011. In March 2016, the Debt Conversion Management Committee approved the financing of two projects: the one for the Al Lajjoun Dam in Karak and the second to co-finance the project of expansion of an existing dam at Al Waleh, in the Madaba Governorate, from 9 to 25 million cubic meters of water.


Source: medNews