From 12 to 18 of March 2018 the ‘Malta Neuroscience Network’ will organize the ‘Brain Awareness Week’ in Malta. The ‘Week of the Brain’ is a worldwide campaign that spreads new neuroscientific discoveries in a simple and accessible to all way through completely free events. Research in the field of neuroscience in Malta makes use of close collaboration with Italian researchers. In this context, an Italian scientist of international fame, Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti, will be the guest of honor of this event.

The brain week will end with the screening of the film “Split” and with the reading “Anatomy and brain function” by Christian Zammit.

The week is organized in collaboration with Ridt, the Association of University Professors and Italian Researchers in Malta (ADURM), Malta Chmaber of Scientist, Malta Cafè Scientific, Embassy of Italy and IIC, Cine Xjenza and the University of Malta.

Source: medNews