The Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando received a delegation of the Republic of Malta in the Villa Niscemi, representation office of the City. Orlando met Vanessa Frazier, Ambassador to Italy of the Republic of Malta, Deo Debattista, Parliamentary Secretary of the Republic of Malta with Delegation to Health and Public Hygiene, Olaf McKay, Head of Cabinet, Leanne Burnell, Official in the Cabinet of SS on Culture and Valletta 2018, Kelly Peplow, spokesman. The delegation is visiting Palermo to define a cultural twinning for 2018, when Palermo will be Italian Capital of Culture and Valletta European Capital of Culture. The meeting was also attended by the municipal council member Giulio Cusumano.

“The meeting with the representative of the Maltese Government for Culture, together with the Ambassador in Malta, Malta and with some of the economic operators of our city and Maltese, was an occasion to confirm an already started path of exchange of artistic experiences, tourism and entrepreneurship that will find their realization in Palermo, with Casa Malta, a week of initiatives that will see the continuous presence of operators, entrepreneurs and artists from Palermo, invited by the Maltese Government, to let them know the program of La Valletta 2018. Among the activities today – Orlando continued – there is also the exchange of young Maltese and Sicilian artists, thanks to the commitment of the director of the Academy of Arts, Mario Zito, according to a model already operating among artists of Palermo and many other cities in the world”.

The Mayor, in welcoming Maltese representatives, finally reiterated “Palermo’s commitment to becoming more and more a city of welcome”, by agreeing with the delegation on the vision of the Mediterranean as a “liquid continent that has its plural identity which makes dialogue, peace and respect for human rights its own distinctive feature”.


Source: medNews