Energy is one of the sectors with the higher absorption of private investment in Albania, especially for the construction of hydroelectric power plants. In the context of diversification and sustainability of sources according to the targets set by the Energy Community to which Albania acceded in July 2017, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and the European Bank for Reconstruction (EBRD) met stakeholders to present the MoU signed to support the photovoltaic sector. During the debate, the Ministry reconfirmed commitments to develop solar plants and purchase at guaranteed average prices (100 euros / MWh for photovoltaic and 70 euros / MWh for 2017 wind) with a 50 MW limit (30 MW for wind power plants) . Based on art. 10 (3) of Law 7/2017, the Energy Regulatory Authority (ERE) approves the purchase price of energy produced from small renewable sources in accordance with the methodology approved by the Council of Ministers.

Only in October, 11 applications for photovoltaic parks totaling around 25 million euros were submitted to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy.


Source: medNews