Donation of computer systems for the orphanage school “Al Mabarrat Alishraq” by the Italian contingent employed in the Land of Cedars is what happened this week in the district of Bint Jubail in the South of Lebanon.

In the presence of local civil and religious authorities, the General of Brigade Francesco Olla, Commander of the Joint Task Force – Lebanon, inaugurated the new computer room of the school, now equipped with 35 personal modern computers. The school is attended by about 870 students aged three to thirteen, of whom 200 are permanently hosted as orphaned or adopted at a distance.

Finalized to consolidate relations between the Italian peacekeepers and the people of South Lebanon, the donation was promoted by CIMIC staff (Civil and Military Cooperation) that has always worked in favor of local authorities and of Non-governmental Associations, as dictated by Resolution No. 1701 – 2006 of the United Nations Security Council.

The current Italian operation “Leonte XXII” is based on Brigade “Grenadiers of Sardinia” and the units on the field are ITALBATT, unit of maneuver on base Regiment “Lancieri di Montebello” (8th); the Combat Support Battalion (CS Bn), a command-line Command of the Brigade “Granatieri di sardegna”; the Combat Service and Support Battalion, based on Logistic Regiment “Aosta”.


Source: medNews