The Master of the Tennis FIT Kinder + Sport 2017 circuit finished. The event, held at the Foro Italico from August 21 until August 30, was characterized by the fact that it was the first international edition: over 1300 matches played by 1345 players, including 51 foreigners. Between the Kinder Village the Pietrangeli Stadium, young athletes, aged between 9 and 16, spent some days immersed in a sporty climate, full of passion for sport. From this year, Italy has invited eight additional federations in the capital to take part

to the event: Austria (5 players), Bulgaria (8), Germany (6), Israel (6), Luxembourg (8), Malta (9), Principality of Monaco (5) and Hungary (4). A satisfaction for Rita Grande, the former tennis player that organizes the event: “We are very happy to have been able to involve 8 federations. Some

foreign athletes have won, while others have made it to the final. It’s the first time, after eleven years, that the Italian kids can compete with foreign boys. Technical exchanges took place and new friendships have emerged”.

Several winners belonged to foreign federations. Bulgaria won the women’s Under 12 and reached the final in the male tournament. Hungary brought 4 athletes in the finals, in the Under 10 and Under 11 categories, while Austria won the Under 9 women tournament. Germany was finalist in the under 12th

Women tournament. In the remaining categories, finals were played by Italian playersi. The goal of next year, as stated by the organizers, is to involve at least four more federations in order to make the atmosphere of the tournament as international as possible.


Source: medNews