Interior Minister Marco Minniti met Libyan General Khalifa Haftar in Benghazi in recent days. The news appeared on Twitter’s profile and Facebook page of Alwasat Libya, posting a picture of the minister shaking hands with the general.

The meeting, the newspaper wrote, took place in the Libyan militia chief’s office near the Tobruk parliament at the headquarters of the general command in the Al-Rajmeh area. Minniti arrived in the city of Benghazi from Algeria, Alwasat reports. The Italian Interior Minister, the Libyan daily continues, said that Algeria and Rome are interested in the stability of Libya, because it is important to fight terrorism and trafficking in human beings.

For a long time, the Viminale owner wanted to talk face to face with “the strong man of Cyrenaica” who controls many of the migrants’ routes coming from Sub-Saharan Africa and across the heart of the Fezzan desert to the Mediterranean. Involving Haftar in European choices is paramount. “Obviously,” the entourage of Libyan Prime Minister Sarraj said, “we have been warned of Minniti’s journey to Benghazi, and the English and French Foreign Ministers have done so in the last few days.” They are moved in the spirit of the Paris accords ” .

To respond to the migration crisis, Minniti knows that it is also necessary to talk to Haftar, who has often announced that he wants to boycott the immigration flows containment plans that in his eyes appear to be interferences and violations of sovereignty. Haftar had always maintained a hostile attitude with Italy, which he accused of giving too much support to the government of Tripoli.


Source: medNews