“We have put a strategy in place. There is no one miraculous solution, but the idea is to think of a project knowing that no country can do it alone. And that no country can be left alone”. Interior Minister Marco Minniti said these words, intervening in Tunis at the second meeting of the contact group on the Central Mediterranean route. “It is an extraordinarily important epochal migration phenomenon”, the Interior Minister said, “which has accompanied us in the past and will most likely accompany us in the future as well. The problem is to understand that this phenomenon can be dealt with in a useful way only through a great cooperation between Europe and Africa. This is the solution. Europe can not do without Africa and vice versa, the two destinies are closely connected and that is why this initiative is very important.” “We must engage energy, financial resources, projects,” said Minniti, “if we can see and think of a balanced Europe it is the one that has the same commitment towards the east and the south. They are two fundamental hearts of the same identical problem. The key word about this is cooperation, investment and commitment in concrete projects”.

About Libya, “The borders of the south of Libya are very important not only for the issue of immigration, but also for the theme of the fight against terrorism” Minniti pointed out, “we are faced with the signs of a military defeat of the Islamic State when Mosul falls. And we must think of the hypothesis of a diaspora and, at that point, the southern border of Libya becomes the southern boundary of all northern Africa and, if allowed, the southern border of Europe as well. Controlling the southern border means controlling the borders of North Africa and Europe, that is why all this has a strategic value”.


Source: medNews