The European Union, on immigration, “has failed”. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, country that had the rotating presidency of the EU Council until June 30th, said this in his presentation of the political results obtained during the semester.

Speaking in the European Parliament’s House, Muscat admitted that “there are issues, such as immigration, on which divisions remain” and that it has not been possible to do any step ahead in the course of these six months. “Despite all the good intentions we all claim to have, even with written statements, when we look at the reality of the facts we should be ashamed,” Muscat attacked. Delays, injections, quarrels. “This Europe has failed on this issue,” the Maltese prime minister pointed out. His goal was to allow by June 30 a review of the agreements governing the common asylum system. Given the circumstances, “no one should blame the other Member States if everyone will try to protect their national interests”.


Source: medNews