On the occasion of the first Italo-Libyan Economic Forum held in Agrigento, Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano and Vice President of the Libyan National Presidential Council of the Libyan National Accord Government, Ahmed Maitig, signed a joint statement on the revival of economic cooperation between Italian and Libyan governments.

The declaration confirms “the common will to strengthen friendship and cooperation in areas of economic and social development and, in particular, to support Libya’s reconstruction efforts”. It reaffirms “the willingness to promote further economic and trade cooperation between public and private actors”. It also underlines the importance of Libya’s economic development and the increasing capacity of the Libyan institutions to provide adequate services and to increase their level of well-being.

The parties underline that “bilateral economic cooperation must be focused on strategic sectors such as energy and hydrocarbons, infrastructure and transport, telecommunications, banking and finance and private sector development”.

Italy and Libya reaffirm “the desire to continue cooperation in the field of airport infrastructure, their maintenance and cooperation in the field of air transport, given the importance of restoring air links throughout Libya as well as flights Directing with Italy to contribute to the revival of the economic system”.

The two sides also welcomed the “reactivation of the Italian-Libyan Commission on the continuation of the implementation of the Libyan Coastal Motorway project in accordance with the 2008 Friendship Treaty”.

Finally, Italy and Libya agree on “the importance of fostering the development of communications links through the reconstruction of Libyan telecommunications networks, the laying of new cables and the upgrading of the existing ones, benefiting from the presence of an important hub ‘In Sicily as the hub of Mediterranean Internet traffic’.



Source: medNews