The Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat triumphed once again with a landslide victory with a majority of more than 34,000 votes as in yesterday’s general election held in Malta he was reconfirmed to lead the country for the next five year electoral mandate  at the detriment of the opposition Nationalist leader,  Simon Busuttil.

The Labour Party gained 54.9 percent of the votes against the PN led National Coalition that included the Democratic Party founded by former Labour MP Marlene Farrugia who had resigned from the Labour parliamentary group on charges of corruption against the government achieved 43.8 per cent.

In his first reaction, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat declared: “It is clear that the Maltese people have chosen positivity against negativity. People have chosen to stay the course. The people voted for Malta”.

The Leader of the Opposition Nationalist Simon Busuttil conceded the defeat in a tweet message: “I have just called Joseph Muscat to concede. As always we respect the decision of the electorate”.

The Maltese Prime Minister replied to the tweet by thanking Busuttil and wishing him well.

In yesterday’s general election 92% of eligible voters totalling around 340,000 cast their votes.

The convincing victory for Muscat came despite the Panama Papers scandal, where it was alleged that the Prime Minister’s wife owes a secret company in Panama and confirmation that two other companies are registered on behalf of Konrad Mizzi, Minister within the Prime Minister’s office and Keith Schembri, Chief of Staff to Joseph Muscat.

Joseph Muscat called an early general election because of these allegations and ordered an independent magisterial to investigate the accusations that his wife owes the secret company registered in Panama.


Source: medNews