Following a short and fierce campaign, the Maltese will decide between the Labour Party, led by the current Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat and The National Force led by Simon Busuttil, leader of the Nationalist Party as the country holds the general election this Saturday 3rd of June.

According to the latest opinion polls, the undecided and those who refuse to state their intentions that in all account for around 22% of the electorate will decree the final verdict of this election. However eliminating this 22% out of the analysis, the Labour Party is expected to achieve 52.7%, the Nationalist Party 46.3% whilst the other minor parties will garner 1%.

The election campaign ended on Thursday at midnight with massive mass meetings held by the two main political parties during which both leaders reiterated their key messages.

The Prime Minister highlighted the milestones achieved by his government whilst admitted the mistakes done and pledged that he has learned from those mistakes. He compared his party that put forward concrete proposals with the Nationalist Party that has banked its campaign “on criticism and negativity”.

On the other hand, the Leader of the Nationalist Party, Simon Busuttil vowed that he would purge the country from corruption and scandals that have grasped the governance of Malta in the last four years. This claim was made in the light of the serious allegations that Michelle Muscat, the wife of the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat owns a secret company registered in Panama.

Other claims involve Keith Schembri, the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister who besides owning a secret company in Panama as Konrad Mizzi, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, is also involved in alleged cases of bribery through the sale of Maltese passports and other shady personal business done in the recent past.

“We need to lead the country by example. We need to be an example of honesty, the truth, integrity, justice, transparency. Let’s close our EU Presidency by telling the world, Malta has cleaned its name and that we are proud to call ourselves Maltese”, the Nationalist Party leader said.

During the last week of the election campaign, the Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat persisted on the key proposals as he emphasized that these will lead to create further wealth among workers, families and pensioners as under his leadership in the last four years, Malta has registered almost full employment and the strongest economic growth ever.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister obtained the support of European left politicians including that of former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi who addressed the Labour mass meeting during the last Sunday of the campaign. Renzi who is a personal friend of Muscat said, “Muscat achieved better results than me” referring to the extraordinary results attained in the Maltese economy combined with very low statistics of unemployed people. He appealed to those gathered to choose Joseph Muscat and retain this positive season for Malta.

In a recorded message, broadcast just two days prior to the general election, even the current Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni praised the Maltese Prime Minister’s skills. He made specific reference to challenging issues such as immigration that Europe is facing and that were aptly tackled by the Prime Minister during the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

These international testimonials that also included that of former British Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair all had one common message; to choose Joseph Muscat in the general election of Saturday 3rdJune following the economic success for Malta and in view of the remarkable achievement obtained in civil rights for the LGBTIQ community.


Source: medNews