“I thank the European Union, which supports the legitimacy of our Council. This is a support to security”. Fayez Mustafa Al Sarraj, President of the Presidential Council and Prime Minister of the Government of the Libyan National Accord, said in his speech at the opening session of the High Level Conference on Migration Management in Brussels, which took place in the European Parliament.

“The issue of migration flows can not be addressed solely on the security level, it is necessary to support the countries of origin but also transit. I thank very much the Italian government and also the German government who are helping us with projects to support economic development, Al Sarraj said.

“Libya is a transit country, but it does not have the means to handle migratory flows, especially in the healthcare sector,” he said, explaining that the country’s situation is still “very vulnerable, especially in the South. The agreement with Italy on the control of migrants will be fundamental”.


Source: medNews